When you have been waiting tables as long as I have, it takes a lot to surprise me. However, when I took a poll on my Facebook page asking people to tell me about their most ridiculous customer request or complaint, even my jaw fell to the ground. (Don’t worry, I picked it up off the floor very quickly because I am firm believer in the three-second rule.) Out of 3,190 submissions, here are the fifteen most ridiculous stories I saw.

  1. When the customer is entitled and think they’re more important than the lowly soul who is serving them breakfast:Swirl_1
  2. When they forget that we are there to serve their food, not break the law for them:Swirl_2
  3. When they lose every ounce of common sense:Swirl_3
  4. When it’s like they want us to think they are crazy:Swirl_4
  5. When we do exactly what they want, but they’re still not happy:Swirl_5
  6. When they want to make sure their entitlement is still intact:Swirl_6
  7. When they pretend to care about animals, but not so much:Swirl_7
  8. When they simply don’t know what it is they are ordering:Swirl_8
  9. When they think they can get something for free, but we have other plans for themSwirl_9
  10. When they think their problem is our problem:Swirl_10
  11. When they forget what the purpose of a restaurant is:Swirl_11
  12. When their meal is totally fine, but they still want to complain about something:Swirl_12
  13. When they’re just straight up disgusting:Swirl_13
  14. When they can’t accept the way things are:Swirl_14
  15. And finally, when they want to make sure you have a really good “the craziest person I have ever waited on” story to tell your friends:Swirl_15

We servers are used to ridiculous customers, but the next time one of them sits in your section just remember you’re not alone. Just chalk it up to another day of wearing an apron for a living.

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