A new way for service professionals
to find success in every shift.

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Finally giving food service workers the help they deserve.

Everyone in the food service industry needs help. Workers cook and serve food all day yet struggle to provide for their own families. Other opportunities are hard to find. Managers have problems of their own. Employee turnover is constant. Finding help takes time and money that is not always available. The entire industry needs someone to step up and lend a well-deserved hand. Another job site is not the answer. Food service professionals need a place of their own that understands their challenges, speaks their language, and helps them to grow.

Amount Spent


Amount spent annually on hiring industry-wide.

Turnover Alt

Over 100%

Hourly staff turnover every year.

Poverty Line


Restaurant workers who live below the poverty line.

The service industry works hard. It’s time to work smart.

Seasoned is here to help service professionals in ways no one else has. We provide training and inspiration for better growth, better opportunities, and better livelihoods. We share the tools and talent to create better teams, better retention, and better customer experiences. We teach employees to make more money and help employers save money. Food service professionals know the value of hard work. Now they finally have a place that works hard for them.

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Leadership Team

Kevin Costello

Kevin CostelloCEO and Executive ChairmanBrigade Systems, LLC

Andrew Wait

Andrew WaitExecutive

Ware Sykes


Madhav Mehra



TPG Growth has invested significantly in Seasoned, the food service industry’s destination for success.

Partnering with our sister company, HotSchedules, we leverage the number one staff management software of the food service industry.