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Prep Specialist

Full-time / Part-time / Seasonal

TASTE Westhampton, Richmond, VA

Job Description


Consistently provides an unmatched guest experience

Leads by example in all aspects of guest engagement

Addresses guest concerns proactively with humility, ownership, and poise

Values feedback and relays openly and honestly to appropriate parties

Community engaged and builds relationships with customers and local organizations


Extensive knowledge of the menu, catering, and kitchen offerings

Exercises proper knife handling and caution near slicer

Completes all daily tasks and checklists and checks out with Prep Lead or BOH Manager prior to end of shift

Takes responsibilty for his or her training and asks questions to aid forward progress

Accepts constructive criticism and applies coaching to future work

Actively monitors and responds to work-related messages (HotSchedules, text messages, etc.)


Maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness per Health Department expectations

Maintain organized and highly efficient work areas that are clean and sanitized (cutting boards, slicer, floor, walk-in, etc.)

Keeps prepped ingredients stocked to proper par levels and minimizes workstation clutter


Prepared per Portion List Instructions

Maintains proper pars levels of prepped ingredients

Communicates with Sandwich/ Salad & Soup Specialists to avoid ingredient outages

Clear understanding of cross contamination practices for potential allergens/ gluten-free items


Ensures all orders are delivered to customer quickly, accurately, politely, and enthusiastically

Serves all team members and other seats if necessary

Works in tandem with other team members to ensure smooth business operation



-Prep duties such as washing and chopping vegetables or cutting meat

-Label and stock ingredients on shelves

-Measure ingredients and seasonings

-Basic kitchen duties like reducing sauces or parboiling

-Prep simple dishes such as soups and salads

-Maintain a clean and orderly kitchen

-Follow nutrition and sanitation guidelines

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