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Doughnut Maker

Full-time / Part-time / Seasonal

Krispy Kreme, Richardson, TX

Job Description


Our mission is to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme, not only in our doughnut shops but also in grocery and convenience stores. This is where you come in! We make sweet treats in our Doughnut Factories, and in this role, you will decorate and pack up all those delicious doughnuts so they can be delivered to stores everywhere.

On the move

This is a role for people who can’t stand to sit still during the day. Get ready to get moving while you pack doughnuts! This may include things such as carrying and lifting boxes or cleaning supplies, sweeping, mopping, and basically helping in a dynamic factory environment. You’ll need to be able to lift a decent amount of weight, up to 25 pounds, and occasionally 50 pounds.

The doughnut factory can be warm inside as well as a bit noisy, with all that equipment producing delicious doughnuts.

What makes you a great fit?

You have 2-4 years of experience working in a food manufacturing or similar environment, doing food packing or processing. You can pack up our doughnuts gently without crushing them. You can communicate with fellow Krispy Kremers effectively and know how to stay organized. You can read and do basic math. You can move around and are dependable- we need to make sure our customers get their sweet treats! If you have a high school diploma or GED, that’s ideal too.

It's a happy feeling to see customers walk through our doors with a smile. And when those smiles extend to the faces of our Krispy Kremers throughout the shop, life is even sweeter. Around here, you'll find a job you care about, with a company that cares about you. So join us.


What will you do?

You’ll inspire customer wonder by making delicious sweet treats according to Krispy Kreme high quality standards. Making doughnuts requires preparing ingredients, following the right production schedule, weighing ingredients, tracking how the equipment is doing (from the proofer to the fryer and beyond), keeping an eye on how the doughnuts are looking as they come off the line, and helping to pack them up when needed. You’ll also master your craft as you minimize waste, document the production specs and readings, and restock as you go. You’ll get to know the equipment well and be able to troubleshoot it or even repair it when needed. You’ll also keep things clean and up to the highest food safety standards. As our Doughnut Maker, you’re looked to as a leader on the team, modeling the best communications skills, teamwork and respect of others. You’ll help when your leader requests it in other areas at times too.

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Krispy Kreme

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