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Mellow Mushroom - Ocean Springs, Ocean Springs, MS

Job Description

This is the crash course that leads directly to tending a bar of your own. If the bartender was a knight, you'd be the squire. Maintaining stock, changing kegs, collecting glassware and being the general go-to for everything that might make the bar a better place. And the better place you make it, the more cash the bartender will flip ya.


-Clean/wipe down bar area counters, furniture, and tabletops.

-Wash glasses and dishes.

-Handle drink spills and broken glassware.

-Restock and replenish liquor, garnishes, and bar supplies.

-Empty trash and refill ice wells.

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Mellow Mushroom - Ocean Springs

1108 Bienveille Blvd. Ocean Springs, MS 39564
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