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Whataburger, Venus, TX

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As a team member, you're fully immersed in the spirit of the establishment. You're high functioning, adaptable, and ready for whatever a customer throws at you. Working with other team members isn't just your strong suit, it's one of your favorite parts of the job. When you clock in, you're daring the day to challenge you.


- Provide Whataburger-quality service to all customers.

- Demonstrate the ability to accurately explain the “Whataburger Difference” to customers.

- Effectively communicate with management in a timely manner regarding scheduling issues, customer service problems, and equipment malfunctions.

- Follow all safety procedures and guidelines including personal safety, equipment use, and food handling and storage.

- Ensure all products are stocked, maintained, and prepared according to Whataburger quality standards.

- Maintain a clean, safe working environment.

Properly stock inventory using First-In/First-Out (FIFO).

- Clean the customer service areas by following the proper procedures as directed by the management person on duty, including outside landscaping, building entrances, dining room tables and condiment stations, restrooms, and food production and storage units.

- Achieve certification at the specific stations associated with a position, as well as cleaning and sanitation procedures.

- Demonstrate fiscal responsibility with all Company assets by following company cash handling policies.

- Demonstrate ability to be a “team player” by contributing to the team’s success and communicating effectively with other team members.

- Assume additional responsibilities as assigned.

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