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Mesero - Legacy West, Plano, TX

Job Description

You're the guardian that watches over the restaurant. Patrons will assume that certain things just happen, but that's only because you've slid in and out of their meals with the finesse of a helpful ghost. Customer needs a water refill? Boom, you're there. Extra napkins? Already done. Same dude needs more water? Weird, but done again. You're able to juggle everything the restaurant needs, because you are one with the restaurant. It sounds a little bit thankless - but If you take care of the servers, they'll take care of you ($$$).


-Set tables and stock necessary supplies.

-Clear tables and reset.

-Replenish utensils as necessary.

-Refill water and iced tea glasses.

-Support wait staff by assisting them with customer needs.

-Keep a clean and sanitary bussing station.

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Mesero - Legacy West

7501 Windrose Avenue D180 Plano, TX 75024
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