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Zandra's, Fairfax, VA

Job Description

If you are interested in our team, please apply online at Zandra's Taqueria: click on join our team

Zandra’s Taqueria serves yummy handcrafted tacos and creates a fun and festive dining experience for our guests and work experience for our team members. We believe in delivering exceptional experience and awesome food to every customer – as it is always a fiesta at Zandra’s Taqueria!

Zandra’s Taqueria offers competitive wages, career growth, a festive work environment and more!

If you are interested in our team, please apply online at Zandra's Taqueria:

We are looking for Full Time or Part Time Bartenders. Zandra’s Taqueria is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Bartender Role:

As a bartender, you must be friendly, outgoing and possess good communication skills. A guest's dinner and/or bar experience should be equally enjoyable and you play a major role in the overall picture. You should be organized, able to think and act quickly and effectively while retaining self-composure.


Duties and Responsibilities:

- Responsible service of alcohol. Should a guest reach the state you do not feel they should drive, we will supply a taxi. Do not hesitate to ask for management intervention if necessary.

- Must be able to pass Responsible Service of Alcohol Test with a score of 90% or better.

- Welcome each guests personally within 30 seconds.

- Communicate with guests using clear and enthusiastic words, tone and body language at all times. Make guests feel appreciated through your actions.

- Understand and follow all ABC regulations in order to maintain a safe atmosphere and an efficient food and beverage service.

- Work with others to keep all areas cleaned and stocked to ABC Company's standards at all times.

- Mix, garnish and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for guests of bar and dining room following standard recipes.

- Ring drink orders into computer immediately, collect money from guests for drinks served and make change.

- Arrange bottles and glasses to maintain an attractive display in agreement with Zandra's standards.

- Wash and sterilize stemware.

- Be attentive! Offer your assistance before the guests have to ask for it.

- Count drinks Guests are served.

- Place current bar tabs in front of Guests at all times.

- Anticipate your guest's needs. Be alert of guest signals (raising a hand, looking directly at you, etc.), and acknowledge the guest so they know you will be right with them.

- Learn your guests' names, occupations, and favorite drinks.

- Other duties as directed.

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