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Baker Cookies, Cupcakes and More 202 Farley Street, Hutto, TX 78634

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Job Description

As the baker, you will be responsible for preparing baked goods of different varieties and will likely have opportunities to create or innovate recipes. You may work directly with customers and in all cases, a commitment to customer satisfaction and a passion for providing consistent quality is a must. You'll be responsible for cleaning and maintaining baking equipment and following all safety and sanitation protocols.


  • Measure, weigh, and prep recipe ingredients
  • Knead, roll, cut, and prep dough
  • Decorate, glaze, apply icing, and prep toppings
  • Clean and maintain baking equipment, utensils, and tools
  • Operate slicing, cutting, and wrapping equipment
  • Order and receive supplies and materials

About this location

202 Farley Street Hutto, TX 78634

About Cookies, Cupcakes and More

Cookies, Cupcakes and More - Bakery

It all started with a little push from my family. I have been baking for years and have always loved to see the smiles on my family and friends faces when they enjoyed something I made. With a little encouragement, a lot of prayers and patience I finally decided to step out and take a leap of faith and open a small bakery where I could share my love of baking with the community and those that I love.

I share this business with my husband, best friend, my biggest supporter.
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