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Pizza Baker Mellow Mushroom - Pensacola 5175 Bayou Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32503

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Job Description

You are the ultimate creator of fluffiness and joy. And lucky for us, you bake this joy in large quantities. From pastries to cakes to guilty pleasures you've created on your own, every treat contains that ""can't say no"" element. Once customers take a bite, watch the regret leave their body. You make what is always worth it.


  • Measure, weigh, and prep recipe ingredients.
  • Knead, roll, cut, and prep dough.
  • Decorate, glaze, apply icing, and prep toppings.
  • Clean and maintain baking equipment, utensils, and tools.
  • Operate slicing, cutting, and wrapping equipment.
  • Order and receive supplies and materials.

About this location

5175 Bayou Blvd Pensacola, FL 32503

About Mellow Mushroom - Pensacola

Mellow Mushroom is a very special group of restaurants. Technically we’re a “franchise of individually owned and operated stores,” but in principal we’re more like a collection of restaurants owned by really cool extended family members. (You know, the ones you want to visit more than just on holidays.) Each restaurant has the same delicious food served in a fun and creative environment, but we allow our “family members” to design their restaurants to reflect their personality, charisma and a hint of their town’s uniqueness.

If you’d like to begin (or further) your career in the restaurant industry and you decide Mellow is the way to go, here’s the scoop.
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