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Bartender Industry 1211 East 5th Street, Austin, TX 78702

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  • job shifts Weekdays, Weeknights
  • job availability Part-time
  • minimum years experience 4+ Years of Experience
  • minimum age Hires 21+

Job Description

As bartender, you’ll be crafting delicious cocktails while engaging with guests to provide memorable experiences. You should find enjoyment in creating new and innovative cocktails, enhancing flavor profiles and pairing food and drinks. You will be successful if you're welcoming and personable and always seeking ways to exceed patrons' needs and expectations. As a bartender you'll have a responsibility to our patrons and their safety and must have proper certification and a thorough understanding of current laws.

About this location

1211 East 5th Street Austin, TX 78702

About Industry

New restaurant focusing on quality of life and an employee-first culture. Healthcare and tips guaranteed! Industry is coming to Austin in early October, and we need leaders to take ownership in our band new restaurant! Industry is literally named after our love for the service industry, and you will be working alongside both hands-on owners invested in creating a culture that is about being real, being the best, and taking care of our people first and foremost... the customers will follow. At Industry we implement the "real wage guarantee." 20% service charge is added to all checks. Benefits include: - Kitchen shares in service charge and FOH keeps additional tips - health insurance, mental healthcare, wellness programs - 5 day work week and flexible schedule. Quality of life is our priority. We don't believe in restaurant martyrdom! - half off food all the time, including your friends and family when you dine with them - free meals for the kitchen
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