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Bartender Mellow Mushroom Chantilly 14335 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151

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Job Description

Make drinks, conversation, and hopefully some regulars. From shaking craft cocktails to studying your 8-35 rotating beer taps, you're a master in all things behind the bar. An entire spectrum of folks will sit in front of you, and you'll be the member of their group they didn't know they needed. Anticipating their needs, chiming in with well-timed anecdotes, recommending a night-cap - you're the foundation of their good time. Best part? Through a base salary and tips, you're getting paid to ""hang out.""


  • Prepare alcoholic beverages for bar and restaurant needs.
  • Help plan and serve bar menu.
  • Restock and replenish bar inventory.
  • ID customers to confirm legal drinking age.
  • Comply with food and beverage regulations.

About this location

14335 Newbrook Drive Chantilly, VA 20151

About Mellow Mushroom Chantilly

Mellow Mushroom is a very special group of restaurants. Technically we’re a “franchise of individually owned and operated stores,” but in principal we’re more like a collection of restaurants owned by really cool extended family members. (You know, the ones you want to visit more than just on holidays.) Each restaurant has the same delicious food served in a fun and creative environment, but we allow our “family members” to design their restaurants to reflect their personality, charisma and a hint of their town’s uniqueness.

Mellow Mushroom Chantilly, Virginia is now accepting applications for all positions!  We are looking for cool, artsy, eclectic, fun loving, hard working people that want to be part of something special!  No experience necessary!  We are looking for:

Cooks, not just for pizza.  We will need line cooks that can work salad, apps, grill, ovens, and last but not least pizza (if you can sling some dough....we want to meet ya)!
Prep Cooks

If you have any questions reach out:
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