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Busser Brio Italian Grille - Fairfax 11776U Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA 22033

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Job Description

As busser, you set the stage for service: setting & clearing tables, assisting servers and attending to customers' needs. You should be a team player and enjoy working at a fast pace. If you're not already, you'll become a multitasking pro. With experience and a great attitude, this role could lead to more opportunities, like becoming a server.


  • Set tables and stock necessary supplies
  • Clear and reset tables
  • Replenish utensils as necessary
  • Refill water and iced tea glasses
  • Support wait staff by assisting them with customer needs
  • Keep a clean and sanitary bussing station

About this location

11776U Fair Oaks Mall Fairfax, VA 22033

About Brio Italian Grille - Fairfax


When you walk into Brio Italian Grille you are met with a warm smile and the promise of an amazing Italian meal! Our menu features fresh, prepared-to-order classic dishes from regional Italian recipes and the ambiance mirrors that of a lively family gathering. The common ingredient that creates our comforting Guest environment is the wonderful Team at Brio Italian Grille! Just like we nurture our dishes, we nurture our Team Members. We want YOU to be one of our Key Ingredients!
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