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Cook Flyrite Chicken sandwiches 3600 Presidential Boulevard, Austin, TX 78719

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  • job shifts Any schedule considered
  • job availability Full-time, Part-time
  • minimum years experience Any experience welcomed

Job Description

As a cook, you'll set up your station and participate in prep. You should be passionate about putting out consistent, quality food and seeking opportunities to learn and grow in the kitchen. You should be able to follow recipes and take direction from the Chef or Sous Chef and also explore your creativity where appropriate. You welcome the fast, often hectic pace of the kitchen and are above all a team player.

About this location

3600 Presidential Boulevard Austin, TX 78719

About Flyrite Chicken sandwiches

At Flyrite, we believe fast food should be real food. We use ingredients you can trust, from better sources, including all-natural chicken raised without antibiotics. Our delicious sandwiches, wraps and shakes are fresh and made to order. Our planet-friendly packaging is compostable or recyclable, and our service and atmosphere are designed to elevate the whole experience.
It’s fast food you can feel good about.
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