Drive-Thru McDonald's 1002 s78th st., Tampa, FL 33619

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  • job shifts Weekend nights, Weeknights, Weekdays
  • job availability Part-time
  • minimum years experience Any experience welcomed
  • minimum age Must be 18 years or older

Job Description

Working the drive thru means dropping knowledge on customers through your headset, and greeting them with a smile when they get to your window. You’re so good at the register that you can almost finish guests' orders before they do. You are the face of the brand, and your positive attitude is unshakable. Sure, It'll be fast paced—but where’s the fun in standing around?


  • A strong understanding of the menu—from ingredients to seasonal changes
  • Facilitating cars through the drive-thru line to avoid any major delays
  • An ability to multitask
  • Greeting every guest with enthusiasm, patience, and a smile

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1002 s78th st. Tampa, FL 33619



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