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Head of Operations

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Taco Bell - Matlock (26381), Arlington, TX

Job Description

Taco Bell is looking for a Head of Operations to join our team. As Head of Operations, you'll be responsible for overseeing daily operations of the restaurant. You should prioritize outstanding guest service and will be responsible for sourcing, hiring and developing team members. You'll be expected to provide a safe work environment and ensure all standards and procedures are followed. Specific responsibilities of the Head of Operations include the following:



Execute the company's brand strategy and promote its vision, mission and values, resulting in a great customer experience and maximized sales.

Oversee the daily operations of both the front and back of house teams

Monitor inventory and supply levels, kitchen equipment, and safety and cleanliness as needed.

Ensure that store policies and practices are implemented and followed.

Teaching, coaching and providing leadership to their team and ensure that unit goals are achieved.

Provide an enhanced customer-centric culture that includes consistent guest service and food quality.

Keep a fully staffed team for each shift.

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Taco Bell - Matlock (26381)

8110 Matlock Road Arlington, TX 76002
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