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Host Gloria's Latin Cuisine 300 W 6th St #100, Austin, TX 78701

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Job Description

As host, you'll be the conductor of the orchestra that is service. You are the first impression of the restaurant and set the tone for guests' experiences. You will answer phones, take reservations, and be responsible for seating guests according to server availability. Your attention to detail and communication are critically important. You are also the last note of the experience, and will wish guests farewell and invite them to come back.

About this location

300 W 6th St #100 Austin, TX 78701

About Gloria's Latin Cuisine

It all started in 1978. Before fate brought them together, Gloria and Jose Fuentes each decided to leave behind the civil unrest in their home country of El Salvador and seek out a better life in the southern United States.

Gloria and Jose found more than just opportunities at their new homes in Houston—they found each other. And so began a passionate partnership that would forever change the culinary scene in the great state of Texas.

In love and inspired, the two moved to Dallas where they worked at a small Salvadorian eatery in Oak Cliff owned by Gloria’s sister. A year later, her sister gave up on the restaurant, and despite having no previous business experience, Gloria and Jose stepped up, seizing the opportunity to turn their love of Salvadorian cuisine and cooking into a life-long career.

Over the last three decades, Gloria’s has flourished under the continued ownership and artistic vision of the Fuentes family, sharing Latin flavor across the state and serving as a cultural staple in each of the communities it calls home.
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