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Late Night Food Champion Taco Bell - Ben White 1701 West Ben White Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704

  • Hear back in 4 hours
  • View distance View distance
  • wage Up to $13-15/hr
  • job shifts Any schedule considered
  • job availability Full-time, Part-time
  • minimum years experience Any experience welcomed
  • minimum age Hires 18+

Job Description

Ask about evening/late night premium pay.

You enjoy serving others with a “Here to Serve” attitude. You enjoy being around people and providing friendly, accurate service to customers, fellow team members and leaders. Key responsibilities include working the restaurant drive-thru, taking and ringing up customer orders, and handling multiple payment methods. You’ll also prepare and store food ingredients and beverage orders, check to make sure they’re correct, package products, and maintain a clean, safe work and dining environment.

Key Behaviors

- Being friendly and helpful to customers and co-workers

- Meeting customer needs and taking steps to solve food or service issues

- Working well with other team members and accepting coaching from the leadership team

- Having a clean and tidy appearance and good work habits

- Communicating with customers, fellow team members, and leaders in a positive manner

About this location

1701 West Ben White Boulevard Austin, TX 78704

About Taco Bell - Ben White

We believe in helping our employees get more out of life. Our restaurants strive to live this out through teamwork, exciting new products, and many career opportunities that develop leadership skills with longevity
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