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Production Assistant Texas Coffee Traders 1400 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78702

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  • job shifts Any schedule considered
  • job availability Full-time, Part-time
  • minimum years experience Any experience welcomed

Job Description

Texas Coffee Traders is an artisanal coffee roaster and local specialist in all things’ coffee. We are now hiring for a Part-Time Production Assistant to assist in preparation of wholesale orders of coffee, tea, and other related products primarily in our Clean Room and Tea Room Production areas.


  • Sharpen and adjust cutting equipment
  • Receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery
  • Cut, bone, or grind pieces of meat
  • Weigh, wrap, label and store cuts of meat
  • Know and comply with proper storage standards
  • Participate in product rotation, inventory, waste management and ordering of product
  • Clean equipment and work areas according to sanitation standards

About this location

1400 E 4th St Austin, TX 78702

About Texas Coffee Traders

Locally roasting coffee and providing Central Texas with the freshest beans, tastiest espresso, and friendliest service since 1994!
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