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Flix Brewhouse - Round Rock logo

Runner/Expo Flix Brewhouse - Round Rock 2200 S. IH-35 #B1, Round Rock, TX 78681

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  • job shifts Any schedule considered
  • job availability Full-time, Part-time
  • minimum years experience Any experience welcomed

Job Description

As the runner/expo, you are the lynch pin between the kitchen and guests, you'll be in constant motion ensuring plates are finished in the kitchen and food is delivered quickly and accurately to guests. You'll describe the food being presented and handle or communicate guest requests as they come up.

About this location

2200 S. IH-35 #B1 Round Rock, TX 78681

About Flix Brewhouse - Round Rock

Flix Brewhouse™ is America’s Cinema Brewery. We are the only first-run movie theater in North America that also operates a full brewery in house. Founded in 2011 in Round Rock, Texas, Flix intends to be a nationally recognized brand and will add up to 15 units throughout the central, southwestern and southeastern regions of the country. Everything about the Flix Brewhouse concept has been carefully designed to literally redefine the cinematic experience. We are inspired by a time when going out to the movies was a truly special and memorable experience. By leveraging new technologies such as parabolic HD silver screens, the latest distortion-free Dolby sound system, as well as pioneering our own call button server system and proprietary Easy-Glider tables, the Flix concept is designed to ensure that going out to the movies is once again the event it was intended to be. For our team, this means that all that surrounds the Flix Brewhouse brand is designed to deliver a new standard for what guests might expect when they step through the front doors of any Flix Brewhouse location. This new standard also extends to employees of Flix Brewhouse and supersedes the standard cinema-eatery concept by promising you a rewarding, professionally satisfying and even fun, work experience.
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