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Supervisor Alpaca Market 507 Calles St suite 100, Austin, TX 78702

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  • job shifts Any schedule considered
  • job availability Full-time, Part-time
  • minimum years experience Any experience welcomed

Job Description

As the supervisor, you'll be the go to person during the shift - the first in line to resolve issues and quick to lend a helping hand where needed. When the manager is not present, you'll be responsible for overseeing team members and ensuring customer satisfaction.


  • Oversee team members and delegate duties to be accomplished during that shift
  • Train new employees and provide ongoing training to current employees
  • Interact with guests and provide excellent customer service
  • Respond to customer complaints
  • Assist in managing team member schedules
  • Ensure quality control and assist in inventory management

About this location

507 Calles St suite 100 Austin, TX 78702

About Alpaca Market

At Alpaca Market, we believe food is more than food. It is fuel. It becomes your cells, your actual chemical make-up. Our mission is to delight your taste buds with fun chef crafted dishes that your cells will thank you for! We are a farm to jar concept: making delicious meals from scratch every morning and delivering them to our network of vending kiosks and smart fridges around town. Come be a part of the food revolution today!
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