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JOI Asian Bistro

3120 Palm Way Suite 150 Austin, TX 78758

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About JOI Asian Bistro

JOI Asian Bistro, located at Domain NORTHSIDE, is the newest concept from Alberto Lombardi and his family-run restaurant group, Lombardi Family Concepts. The concept of JOI was born from the idea of bringing popular Southeastern Asian street cuisine for all generations to enjoy and share. Through our menu, consisting of approachable dishes like ramen, chicken katsu, and a diverse sushi selection with fish from around the world, our guests are encouraged to embrace the customary Asian approach of shared dishes. Also, our elegant yet approachable cocktail program combines the flavors of Southeastern Asian cuisine, with a touch of tiki. These cocktails are "Must Try's"!!

Currently hiring


Full-time, Any schedule considered, Hires 18+, $27/hr


  • AJ

    Adam Jones

    Joined June 2023

  • CL

    Cedric Lecendre

    Joined April 2023

  • JM

    Janet Martinez

    Joined November 2022

  • KJ

    Kari Jacob

    Joined May 2021

Where we’re located

3120 Palm Way Suite 150 Austin, TX 78758
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