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Team Member Lick Honest Ice Creams 1905 Aldrich Street, Austin, TX 78723

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Job Description

As a team member, you're fully immersed in the spirit of the establishment. You're high functioning, adaptable, and ready for whatever a customer throws at you. Working with other team members isn't just your strong suit, it's one of your favorite parts of the job. When you clock in, you're daring the day to challenge you.

About this location

1905 Aldrich Street Austin, TX 78723

About Lick Honest Ice Creams

Know what you're licking!
Based in Austin, Texas, Lick Ice Creams is a small, locally owned business that makes seasonal, sustainable ice creams from the freshest local ingredients.

To us, “honest” means real, genuine, and that we really, genuinely do what we say we do. We believe that everyone deserves to know where their food comes from and we’re willing to tell you! All of the milk and cream used to make our ice creams come from the grass-fed, pasture-roaming cows of Mill King Market & Creamery, a local, family-owned dairy in McGregor, Texas. Our other ingredients are our inspiration: we build our unique flavors around the ingredients, many of which come fresh directly from our local farmers and artisans and can be traced to their sources.
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